Friday, June 24, 2011

Australis Pararazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow (Totally Busted)

The packaging is quite sturdy and nicely made, but as most black makeup packaging, it has a problem of attracting finger prints. The color combination is not boring but still easy to match.

Unfortunately, the color payoff is not as impressive as I expected it to be. All the shades are so shimmery but the eye shadow is quite powdery and lack of pigmentation.

Star white - extremely shimmery and quite a pretty white, not chalky at all
Champagne nude - a bit disappointing becoz it really blends into my skincolor and doesnt show up much. just tons of shimmer...
Barbie pink - very frosty but lovely, not as intense as it is on pan
Eggplant - amazing! I love this color, its really not easy to find a pigmented and pretty purple eyeshadow from drugstore!
Gun metal grey - its alrite, but not really pigmented

The eyeshadow color is really shimmering n not really intense, but wearable though

You might use a base to enhance its pigmentation.

A bit hit and miss, I think the eye shadow is pretty, especially the eggplant purple! I paid $10 for it, not expensive though. But overall its performance is not impressive and I dont love it, wont repurchase it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From Sajida's blog sale =D!

Last month I found some beautiful gems from Sajida's blog sale.
I received a parcel a week after, on my birthday! It was like a surprise. =D

Sajida is so generous and she packed 7 free samples along with my purchase. 
Really a great thank to her kindness 

Innisfree marble highlighter
The highlighter is compressed n molded as a lovely rose (or camellia?)
Even though I have no idea what the purpose of the purple/red part, the powder is finely milled and gives a luminous white shim. I think its quite a good highlighter, better than MAC I think (since the shimmer of MAC MSF are not fine enough and I could see them on my face -_-) I use this product as  eye shadow occasionally and it works well =D

NARS Eyeshadow Duo (Blade Runner) 
Honestly, the color combo instantly reminds me of CHRISTMAS  LOL
- Forest green with extremely fine lime shimmer
- Mahogany with pink shimmer (even though im not a fan of red-tone brown)
I love this duo! the eyeshadow powder is extremely fine and 'creamy'. it goes on incredibly smoothly and pull off the color effortlessly. Apart from the packaging and RRP, everything is perfect!

I took this pic at the first time I used it. Absolutely loving the green, I think its one of the prettiest eyeshadow I have seen =D!

NARS Eyeshadow Duo (RAJASTHAN 
 This palette is kinda a hit and miss for me. I was attracted by the blue since it looked so gorgeous in photo. but when i received it, the gold color is the one really amazing!

- blackish blue with fine lime shimmer, it definitely needs a base under it, otherwise the pigmentation could be quite poor
- light beige bronze with shimmer, it is absolutely stunning on eyelids and different from anything I have. quite a special eye shadow shade! it could be frosty and intensive depending on how you apply it

NARS Eyeshadow Duo (ISOLDE
The frosty ginger color (left) was broken when I received my parcel *sad* but I really like that shade and I just pressed it myself (without using alcohol). rubbing alcohol costs $10 for 400ml here =_=... 1. it doesnt worth $10 for me... a cheap bottle of sparkling or sauvignon blanc only cost $5,6... of coz u cant use it for pressing eyeshadow LOL    2. I dont need 400ml, its too much =_=      back to topic, both eyeshadows have red undertone

- frosty ginger, I love this color and it is kinda similar to MAC melon pigment
shimmering copper, the color is too red but it could be an amazing color for fall =)!

It was the first time for me to put on glue on nails. I love them, the lace pattern with beads is really lovely. Yet, frankly, the glue is sooo devastating to my real nails... Tell you a funny thing - one of my glue-on nails popped out while me driving. and the guy sitting next to me FREAKED OUT and thought I lost my finger LOL hilarious!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My perfect neutral/nude - Prestige Lipstick (Champagne)

Bright red or vibrant purple is fun, but a nice neutral color is a must have in collection. It might be kinda similar to original lip color but better. For me, this prestige lipstick is my perfect neutral. Prestige is one of my favorite drugstore brands (its total intensity eyeliner is awesome!!!). 

Yeah, the packaging is kinda... hideous? But the product is GOOD =D! The shade seems so dark on the tube and normally I wouldnt pick up colors like this but fortunately I did =D

HAHA.. I got a big n round face *sad*
The color is really pretty, just a neutral color with a slight salmon tone.
Its not far from my natural lip color. of coz, a better version
The texture is not creamy but it goes on smoothly with lipbalm underneath it

Outfit of the day
I love crop top ♥ I was wearing a grey crop top with a big black star on it* cute
It was actually quite windy in Melbourne, so I did wear a big jacket when I went out.

Again* talk to you girls soon XOXO

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday gifts for myself

Woohoo, I have just finished my exam today! 
All the assignments, studies and works kept me really busy, eventually first semester is OVER!!
And I have time to blog now =D! I have whole lots of pics wanna post on! WAIT FOR ME =D!

Today Im gonna show the earrings I got.
Its like a 'tradition' to get myself some jewellery pieces for birthday. 
(well, the expensive stuffs like gems, gold and diamonds are normally given by my mum/ relatives though)
Last year I got pearls and this year I got these
They are all made of sterling silver and [inexpensive] gemstones
Undoubtedly there are much finer jewellery in market, these are fairly good quality and pretty for the price

aquamarie is one of my favorite colors
I used to have a pair of Aquamarie earrings but I lost one of them =(
The pair I bought this time is made of natural blue topaz, which has similar color as aquamarie for much cheaper price =D!

Can you see that? I dont use photoshop effect for all my photos, but the earring just gives radiant shine itself
Really beautiful <3 I dont regret buying it!

The second pair I got is made of peridot. The olive green color is magnificent.
this pair is actually not as pretty as the blue topaz one because the gemstones are smaller and less pure (even though the silver frame is more detailed)
The price of these earrings is only half of the blue topaz one >_< so... I felt I had to get them home LOL

The hooks and frames are really detailed and nicely made. Love these earrings =)!!

When I was younger, I preferred getting cheap jewellerys because I could get like 10 different cheap pieces for the price of a pricey jewellery. But Im older now, I kinda understand why my mum's philosophy - quality > quantity + only getting the best one for your budget.

This is a really short post , I still have heaps of pics on my laptop and wait for me to post on the blog though
Talk to you girls real soon! Have a nice day everyone XOXO