Thursday, June 30, 2016

Impressive - Essence Long Lasting liquid eyeliner

  When I first saw Essence Long Lasting liquid eyeliner at Priceline, I never expected it to be anything exceptional. Yet, it outgrew my expectation and it truly is one of the best drugstore liquid eyeliners I have tried. 

  Western liquid liners have the most boring packaging and this one is no exception. This eyeliner comes with felt tip applicator in a plain black tube. Nothing fancy. The tip was surprisingly 'dry' in first couple uses, yet the ink replenished the tip and application did get much smoother after a few uses. Although felt tip is not as precise as brush tip from Dollywink or K-palette (Japanese brands), Essence liquid eyeliner works well on drawing normal eyeline or wink eyeliner. The only downside is its semi-
glossy finish as I do like matte black.

  Its lasting power is incredible. My eyeline did not smudge under 35 degree heat in Melbourne summer. It also survived 40+ Celsius Onsen and Sauna in Tokyo. My fiance splashed water on my face and it remained perfect. It stays on as long as you pet dry and do not rub.
Overall I am impressed and it is a very good drugstore option. Definitely worth trying.